Nevado de Toluca

Nevado de Toluca is one of the few places in Mexico which is supposed to have snow in the “winter months.” Being a little homesick this December, I decided that seeing snow might make me feel more in a winter holiday mood, so we booked a one-day trip to Nevado de Toluca with X-Treme Fall, a tour agency specializing in adventure travel in Mexico and around. Some of the trips they do are pretty amazing, climbing some of the tallest volcanoes in Mexico, skydiving, rafting and so on, but seeing that I’m not quite the adventurous type, we settled for the trip that seemed easiest. We met up with the organizers here in Leon, Guanajuato, and they drove us over to Mexico City, where we met our tour guides and they drove us to the base of the mountain. This tour agency was yet another great discovery, as it also includes everything you might need, helmets, hiking sticks, and most important – food. After having a traditional Mexican breakfast (tacos and quesadillas, with a delicious cafe de olla), we were ready to go.

We started off at an altitude of about 4,000 meters and at the top we would reach an altitude of about 4,600 meters. The climb and the altitude took a toll on some of our group members, so we advanced slowly. The climb itself really wouldn’t have been so bad, had it not been for the gravel holding us back. After several hours, bottles of water and power bars, we finally reached the top, where we could see a little patch of frozen snow left from the previous snowfall. All in all, a great workout, great views, and really energetic tour guides who supported our weakest companions throughout the hike. At the top it was amazingly quiet, and extremely serene. We started heading back down, planning to go on one of the more extensive trips which include overnight camping and stargazing at the top of the mountain. By the time we got back down, we were famished, and were taken to a small restaurant and fed hot Aztec soup and fruit punch, to gain back some of our energy. Once back in the car, we all passed out and woke up back in our hometown, with yet another story to tell and another amazing discovery in Mexico.


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